You don’t love me the way I love you by Author Ekta Chandana| Book Review

A love story woven with the elements of commitment, reality and tragedy. Shreya knows love only in its entirety, pure and complete. Nothing needed in its presence, for it's whole in itself. The boy she falls in love with Aarav, knows love differently, for him love isn't complete, for him commitment isn't valued.The story of... Continue Reading →

Everything started as Nothing by Bhaskar Majumdar| Book Review

“Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. It isn’t merely about implementation of an idea. It’s about risk-taking, putting your head above the parapet and trying to create something out of nothing.”Bhaskar Majumdar brings forward the theories, ideas, concepts, visions, and most importantly the ‘Do Nots’ in the journey of entrepreneurship. Divided; elaborated in 18 chapters... Continue Reading →

Pursuit Drawn by destiny by Pooja Poddar Marwah | Book Review

The perpetual saga of love, togetherness and all that follows further; when it meets reality things start to take a different turn; one which is unplanned.The story of Kate and Edward begins with all the elements of love compounding together, and resonating in perfect harmony. All flowing well, until their relationship meets their individuality, and... Continue Reading →

Book Review | Unlock Self esteem

A handbook decorated with solidarity, maturing upon us with our approval and in turn reflecting our hidden insecurities, but that's not where it stops. It simultaneously shows us the path for recovery. It does so with the help of tools that the author has derived.The Key 6 of the book: 'Dealing with disagreements' is incredibly... Continue Reading →

Softening the Edge by Mimi Nicklin

••Book Review•• An unparallel journey inked with empathetic narrative and empathy as the base element in today's corporate world. The author has, with impeccable clarity narrowed the gap that exists within us as individuals and among us as members of a corporation. The Empathy Deficit, the timeline the author draws upon us and the reason... Continue Reading →

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