The Last Nomad by Heramb Sukhathankar | Book Review

Do the chapters of destiny unfolds differently, acting on a sincere advice of the name you carry?
Or everything that comes our way has been religiously inked, revealing only the part that’s for us to comprehend presently, knowing that it will be holding ground in the journey of life?

The Author has done enough justice in answering it, with his distinctive story line detailing every aspect he has touched. From the slums in Mumbai, the magic of Japan, the in-depth analysis and understanding of women and the maturity of the relationships with them, the author takes us through them with such poetic beauty.

Rahul and Ryan, two sides of the same coin- circumstances/ destiny, as life would term it. Each distinctive in their own story yet incomplete without the other in their existence.

How? Well that’s for the readers to discover!

Author: Heramb Sukhathankar

Publisher: Self

Language: English

My rating: 3.8/5

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