Heads you win By Jeffrey Archer | Book Review

As things take an unexpected turn; Alexander Karpenko, a child marked by his exceptional capabilities since his early age- destined for a greater cause; finds his destiny left to chance. After his father’s assassination he and his mother must flee the state (Russia) for their safety. As they arrive on the decisive moment, it’s there he must take a decision which would shape his future. A decision, a Choice between America and Great Britain.

What shall be in coming years struggles from his past, will shape his present, fulfill what he’s destined for. But, his destiny dwells in the realms of time and to flourish he must return to what he left behind. He must revisit his past.

A narrative gem, that shall keep you on the edge – Heads you win blends destiny, humans and the intervention of time perfectly. As always the plot is highly driven by human emotions and every bit has a personalized touch to it. And that’s what makes Archer’s stories run abreast with his readers, marking it in them, running in their mind.

The choices we make shape the world around us. Years back the choice Alexander made while fleeing his country, will get him back to where he started from, and that’s where the readers shall be inundated by Archer’s writing might.

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Publishers: Pan Macmillan

Language: English

My rating: 4/5



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