Secret Diary Incurable Romantic by Chitrangada Mukherjee | Book Review

Madhubala Ray, unpredictability defining her present, lurking behind the modesty of time, turning what's indefinite into the lonesome monotone of longing. Finding herself surrounded by what could have been and what is, there she is- Madhubala, who has recently lost her husband. In search for normalcy, she finds solace in the bottles of alcohol she... Continue Reading →


Heads you win By Jeffrey Archer | Book Review

As things take an unexpected turn; Alexander Karpenko, a child marked by his exceptional capabilities since his early age- destined for a greater cause; finds his destiny left to chance. After his father's assassination he and his mother must flee the state (Russia) for their safety. As they arrive on the decisive moment, it's there... Continue Reading →

Feisty at Fifty by Sudha Menon | Book Review

'Everything that's marked with the scar of time, isn't coal- some turn to diamonds.' The same goes with life, more you're hungry better you get. The book talks about a personal journey, that's somehow connected to each and every one of us. The magnitude might vary depending upon our age, sex and lifestyle, but definitely... Continue Reading →

Ocean of Melancholy by Mir Mosharraf Hossain | Book Review

Mir Mosharraf Hossain's Bishad Sindhu (originally in Bengali) is perhaps on of his best known works, revolving around the historical events leading to the battle of Karbala. The translation here stands as beautiful as it gets, keeping the soul of the original work alive. There's a charm in endorsing to our values and attainment of... Continue Reading →

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart By Holly Ringland | Book Review

'Reality dwells in the fallacious attribution which we choose to unveil, selectively permeable through the dimensions of time. Reality dwells in stories, of the past, defining the present, moulding the future. Each and every story has a purpose- to unearth the hidden, either in words or in actions; to complete what was started in the... Continue Reading →

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